Community Work

Community Work


ARTSA is arguably one of the most focused Associations as far as welfare work goes. It has clearly aligned itself with the plight of children and has run national advertising campaigns to this effect.

The ARTSA constitution is also very explicit on the ways in which funds raised from the public may be applied. Community projects are run at Table, Area and Association levels.

Successful Projects

Successful Association projects have included Childline (the promotion of a toll-free number for children to call for assistance), the National Sea Rescue Institute and involvement with FAMSA.

Currently, there is immense interest in the involvement of the East Rand Area with SA Police Services Child Protection Units.


At Area level, events such as the motorcycle Toy Runs and mass outings for underprivileged children are held by many Areas.


At Table level, community service projects include schools, community centers, outings for the aged or underprivileged, assistance for those in need and other projects too numerous to list.
All the time, Tablers are having fun helping their communities.